How it all began

Our history

Below a little about our history and how a visionary idea became reality.



Shipping professional Jens Peter Hartung launches LogistikPartner Flensburg GmbH. Jens Peter Hartung brings with him more than 20 years’ experience from various import and export oriented industries within the areas of logistics, purchase, shipping and customer service.

The aim of the company is to present new ways to optimize warehouse and shipping processes leading to cost reduction. Please click here for further information about the company:


The business is growing and by now employs 10 staff in three different locations in respectively Flensburg and Oberhausen in Germany, and Haderslev in Denmark.

This is also the year where Jens Peter Hartung and his team begin to develop the Fr8Partner tool. A tool which will give staff in every department (be it in purchasing, logistics, shipping or sales) acces to a common overview of all relevant shipping information.

The development of the tool builds on both the pool of professional experience of the team and as well as specific customer requirements. The initial Excel version of Fr8Partner comprises road haulage and parcel distribution only. Gradually, the areas of air and sea freight are added. 


A Swiss customer of LogistikPartner Flensburg GmbH wishes to use Fr8Partner at several of its European production sites. The initial Excel version of Fr8Partner has reached its limits and it is decided to design a web-based and more versatile version.


The first web-based version of is launched. Initially, Fr8Partner is offered only to existing customers of LogistikPartner GmbH.


The team is continually seeking to improve Fr8Partner and is now also working on a solution which will allow the individual customer to update Fr8Partner with new quotations and shipping data.


Jens Peter Hartung launches an independent company with the purpose to develop and market the Fr8Partner tool.

Fr8Partner A/S opens with locations both in Harrislee near Flensburg in Germany and in Kolding, Denmark, and continues the development work.


The improved web-based version of Fr8Partner is made available on-line. At the same time, an on-line subscription to Fr8Partner is launched.

The customers may now download the Fr8Partner quotation templates and enter the freight data on site – and then let Fr8Partner do the hard work of finding the best transport solution.

Fr8Partner is far from a standard solution: The tool can be adapted to fit the unique requirements of each individaul customer.

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