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Global supply chains are extremely complex and require professional knowledge and training. Not surprisingly, it is an equally complex task to choose the right freight solution. 

This is where our intelligent freight tool Fr8Partner can help you. After entering the individual offers from your forwarders into Fr8Partner and choosing the mode of transport (air, road, sea or parcels), quantity and destination, our tool will show you a list with the most advantageous offer at the top. Other factors like e.g. freight rate versus transport time is also shown. 

With Fr8Partner, your staff will be able to find reliable information re. cost and transit times within seconds and regardless of department - be it sales, logistics or warehouse. And without having to go through complex freight offers, extensive price charts, etc. Even the contact data for the individual forwarder is shown. An e-mail for the booking department is generated with a few clicks. Or you may be directed straight to the booking page of the chosen forwarder.

Fr8Partner makes it easy to choose the best mode of transport at the lowest rate - thus avoiding additional – and unnecessary – transport costs.

Another great advantage is that the information is always up to date and accessible. E.g. if an employee is absent for any reason, another member of your staff may easily take over and find the right forwarder - and price - for the task at hand.

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