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There are many questions when you need to get your goods from A to B:

What modes of transport are available? Which forwarding agent offers the best price? How does desired time of delivery and quantity affect the price? Transit time and pick-up dates?

With Fr8Partner these questions are answered in a few clicks. Thanks to the accumulated freight data and direct price comparisons, the often tedious and lengthy research is a thing of the past.

The result is not just a reduction in valuable time spent but also a considerable reduction of shipping costs.  And there are even more reasons that make Fr8Partner indispensable in the fields of purchasing, sales, accounting, logistics and financial management.

Fr8Partner offers a perfect overview over all quotations This can help you avoid additional – and unnecessary – transport costs.

Fr8Partner allows you to add relevant information to colleagues or even to a specific customer – e.g. time frame for delivery, whether a tail lift is required, etc.

Also, Fr8Partner means direct access to all vital information within a few clicks: Quotations and contact data for the individual forwarders, be it courier, express, parcel delivery, etc. as well as a comparison of cost and transit times for a standard vs. an express delivery (for instance when you need to ship an urgently needed spare part to a customer).

The time consuming and tedious task of comparing complex freight quotations goes away altogether.

The intuitive and structured user interface can be customized to show the information relevant for your business (e.g. contact data, booking, freight charges and surcharges, incl. fuel, road tax, additional charges etc.). So Fr8Partner is anything but another standard software tool!

Fr8Partner reduces and simplifies the complexity of the freight processes and can thus be used by virtually all staff and not only shipping professionals.  


In short, Fr8Partner is a real help in your everyday work - meaning that valuable time is freed for other tasks. Learn more here.  

And we are not the only ones who are enthusiastic about Fr8Partner! Our customers can no longer imagine a world without this smart and web-based tool. Hear for yourself what our customers have to say.


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