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Fr8Partner - the logistics tool

Fr8Partner is designed by experts who know the everyday challenges of your business. And with the sole purpose to help your business save time and money by making the right choices. Finding the best forwarding solution has never been easier or quicker.

Once all quotations and freight rates from your forwarding partners have been entered into the templates and uploaded into Fr8Partner, you have a highly useful and versatile tool providing you with a structured and clear overview of your freight offers.

Fr8Partner will enable your staff to give customers quick and professional help - for instance during a call. It will take only moments to compare the cost of sending a parcel as an express or standard delivery. Or to compare the charge for an LCL shipment (e.g. 20 m3) with a 20’ container (FCL) - and at the same time considering delivery time and surcharges.

Fr8Partner even handles different currencies (for instance USD or CNY in the case of sea freight) against your preferred standard currency which was chosen during the initial setup. All exchange rates are updated daily via the European Central Bank.

Gone is also the hassle of handling the various freight forwarders’ individual conversion rates, and even rebates are automatically taken into account.


In the case of quotations from several forwarders for a given job/destination, Fr8Partner will identify the best offer within seconds – while accounting for weight, transport time and other relevant factors.

Last but definitely not least: As Fr8Partner is web-based, the information is always current and available and will allow colleagues or staff to access this information anywhere and anytime when needed. And this entirely without tedious software installations.

So Fr8Partner sorts and compares all freight offers? But how does it work?

This short video gives you a step-by-step demonstration of the various practical functionalities for the purchasing, sales and logistics departments: 



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