Your data is in good hands

Thanks to the latest cloud technology, Fr8Partner has state of the art protection against loss or unauthorized access to company data. This protection is based on three factors:

1. Servers

At the heart of our technology are Microsoft Azure servers with capacity to scalably and flexibly handle large quantities of data.

The servers are situated in the Netherlands and therefore subject to the EU directives regarding consumer protection.  

2. Backup

F8Partners's backup is fully automatic, i.e. 24/7 365 days a year.

3. Tested and tried technology

Microsoft .Net Framework / Microsoft SQL Server are tried and reliable products designed by one of the world’s leading software corporations.





Fr8Partner is a web-based solution built on Microsoft.Net Framework/Microsoft SQL servers. This means a thoroughly tested and stable system environment.

The data templates are based on Excel. One great advantage is that it provides a known platform which does not require special know-how and which can easily handle large quantities of data. This means that the user needs only a basic knowlegde of Excel.

Fr8Partner is designed by experts who know the business. It is designed to be easy to use and understand, intuitive and manageable. The functionalities are selfexplanatory and are complemented by detailed help texts which renders the instruction manual all but superfluous. 

Still, Fr8Partner is anything but a standard programme. The software can be customized to fit the needs and requirements of each individual customer. 


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